Innovation by and for young people





How have young people dealt with the Covid 19 crisis? How have they been involved in the management – European and local – of the crisis? Which innovations have been produced or accelerated? How do young people want to be involved in building the future?


  • Andrea Casamenti

    board member of European Youth Forum

  • Sonja Oesterreicher

    Representative of Vienna City, expert in Vienna Employment Promotion Fund

  • Dayle Luce

    Representative of Cardiff, Youth mentor at Cardiff Youth Service

  • Lee Patterson

    Senior Youth officer of City of Cardiff

  • Helen Godwin

    Concillor of Bristol elected politician and Cabinet Member for Women, Families and Homes and Lead Member For Children's Services.

  • Nika Bakhsoliani

    Youth Advisory Council Bureau

  • Europa Nantes

    Europa Nantes

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