Civic Tech : which digital innovations can be used to promote civic dialogue ?





The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital tools in the governance of cities. An overview of successful uses of Civic Tech in Europe in times of crisis. Will be presented during this laboratory :

  • The Digital Democracy Charter of the city of Nantes.
  • Good practice from Brussels : Bringing forward a citizen engagement strategy in the middle of a pandemic
  • The collection of good practices made by the Eurocities Digital Citizenship Taskforce with the presentation by two European cities : Murcia and Rotterdam.




  • Christophe Morin

    Moderator, les artisans du changement

  • Rotterdam

  • Arnaud Pinxteren

    Deputy Mayor from Brussels ,Alderman of the Young Child, Citizen Participation and Urban Renewal

  • Louise Rigollier

    Policy officer in charge of Citizen Dialogue, city of Nantes

  • Catherine Veyrat Durebex

    Policy officer in charge of Citizen Dialogue, Chair of the Eurocities WG Creative Citizenhsip, city of Nantes

  • Murcia

  • Gianluca Saba

    Director of the International Department of the City of Genoa, Chair of the EUROCITIES Taskforce Digital Citizenship

  • Eurocities

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